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Mike McQuaide : "An American in Luxembourg"
Zeitraum: 13.02.2018 18:30 - 13.02.2018 21:00 Uhr

13 février 2018 à 18:30                                                                   

au Cercle (Auditorium "Henri Beck", 5e étage)

 Mike McQuaide portrait

A little more than a year ago, Mike McQuaide exploded onto the Luxembourg scene and life in the Duchy has never been the same since. His Facebook page has attracted the attention of anyone interested in Luxembourg and his latest music video about learning the lingo has just gone viral. A risk-taker, adventurer-maker, musician and writer; ladies and gentlemen, we present: The American in Luxembourg.

Mike’s adventures in Luxembourg have come about through his attitude; he’s a man who lets opportunities come and seizes them. This is true of his early life in the States, too. Having grown up in New Jersey and decided upon an acting career, Mike took the road well-travelled by aspiring stars, to LA. Unlike other aspiring stars, however, Mike took a detour to Washington state, where he fell in love with a town called Bellingham and promptly decided to make his life there instead.

American in Luxembourg, Mike McQuaide uses to share his quirky observations on life in the Grand Duchy in the bi-monthly column of the “Wort”.

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An American in Luxembourg